The Best Dorset Beaches & Rivers for a Relaxing Fishing Vacation

Dubbed as the “Pearl of Dorset,” Dorset boasts of an unparalleled array of mesmerising views—from rolling hills to picturesque landscapes, untouched countryside, and fascinating coastlines. But that’s not all the charm of Dorset. Anglers find solace here owing to its abundance of fishing spots that offer tranquillity as well as a chance to land diverse fish species. Dorset is blessed with magnificent beaches and rivers, promising a relaxing fishing vacation for both seasoned and novice anglers. Here are some of the best Dorset beaches and rivers to put at the top of your list.

1. Chesil Beach:

Chesil Beach tops our list with its 18-mile stretch of shingle beach and angling heaven status. This beach provides an abundance of diverse fishing opportunities, including mackerel, bass, and plaice fishing. The enormous length of Chesil offers varying fishing conditions, making it suitable for different fishing styles and techniques. Make sure to visit during autumn or winter for the best cod fishing.

2. West Bay:

Also known as Bridport Harbour, West Bay is a popular holiday spot and an equally popular destination for the angling community. fishing holidays dorset With captivating cliff lines and a harbour safeguarded by two piers, this beach offers a sheltered spot for sea fishing. Anglers can expect to cast their lines out for mackerel, wrasse, and even sharks.

3. Kimmeridge Bay:

Tucked within the boundaries of a Marine Nature Reserve, Kimmeridge Bay offers excellent fishing opportunities in an environmentally protected area. Here you can expect to catch wrasse, pollock, and bass amidst the tranquil beauty of this scenic bay. The bay is also safe for swimming, making it a great riverside retreat for families.

4. Weymouth Beach:

Renowned for its fine golden sands and calm waters, Weymouth Beach is a beautiful place for a serene fishing vacation. Practise your fly fishing and bottom fishing skills here, as you target flatfish, bass, and mackerel. Organised sea fishing trips are also available from Weymouth Harbour.

Turning from the coast to inland, Dorset keeps the promise of abundant fishing opportunities with its rivers.

1. River Frome:

River Frome is not only beautiful but also one of the most prolific game fishing rivers in Dorset. This crystal clear chalk stream in Dorchester is abundant with wild brown trout, grayling, and the mighty Atlantic salmon. The river’s setting is mesmerising, surrounded by flourishing water meadows and picturesque landscapes.

2. River Avon:

Hailed as one of the most pristine rivers in the UK, River Avon promises a superb angling experience. The river’s varied habitats make it home to a wide range of fish species, including roach, chub, dace, and perch. The Dorset stretch of this river is particularly esteemed for its specimen barbels.

3. River Stour:

The Dorset stretch of the River Stour is an excellent spot for coarse and game fishing. The river thrives with a myriad of fish, notably chub, pike, and roach. The tranquil river boasts beautiful scenery, making it a peaceful retreat for those seeking a angling escape.

Dorset quenches the thirst of anglers seeking great catches amidst serene landscapes, as they sit back and bask in the scenery. These best Dorset beaches and rivers make not just for a fantastic fishing vacation but a soul-refreshing experience that imprints your memory for a lifetime. So grab your tackle and prepare for an unforgettable fishing experience in Dorset.